Marcham Publishing presents
Executive Support LIVE

Wellington, New Zealand

8th - 9th March 2024




Rcahel Bonetti Headshot


Founder, Elevated Corporate Support

Rachael Bonetti is a thought leader in the executive assistant space, with 27 years experience supporting high-profile billionaires and change-makers across multiple countries. As a former career executive assistant, Rachael understands the unique challenges and aspirations of assistants firsthand. 

Today, Rachael is dedicated to transforming the administration community by creating and delivering development opportunities she wished existed during her career. Through her work as a consultant, corporate trainer, and international speaker, she works with assistants and organisations worldwide. 

Rachael’s expertise extends beyond her executive support background. She’s a Forbes Australia contributor, host of the “What It Means to Be Well” podcast, and a certified wellbeing practitioner. With a focus on preventing burnout and fostering high performance, Rachael assists assistants in harnessing their potential while enabling organisations to create supportive conditions for all employees to thrive. 

Known for her warmth, engaging presence, and authenticity, Rachael is a sought after keynote speaker. Her captivating insights inspire assistants to step into their power and embrace their authority. 

Based in Victoria, Australia, she enjoys traveling and time in nature in her leisure time. She’s also in the process of writing her first book, further solidifying her commitment to empower and uplift the administration community. 

Sessions by Rachael Bonetti

Day 2

14:30 - 15:30 - Cultivate, Empower, Impact: Crafting a Dynamic Admin Team

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