Join Neil Malek for
Manage and Visualize Business-Critical Data with Power BI

12th October 2023


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  • Course length: 4 hours
  • Course type: Online course
  • 12th October 2023
  • 14:00 (GMT), 15:00 (CET), 09:00 (ET), 06:00 (PT)

Business leaders are always searching for ways to keep their finger on the pulse of their organization – tracking revenue, expenses, personnel, tasks, or any other critical data. Being able to deliver a dynamic dashboard is incredibly valuable, and Power BI is one of the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-learn tools for dashboarding in the world. 

In this masterclass, you will learn the major components of Power BI – tools for importing and cleaning data, calculating useful insights, and creating interactive charts and reports. You’ll also pick up some of the most important terms and concepts in business intelligence – the organization's data collection and analysis. 

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About the Trainer

Headshot Neil Malek

Neil Malek

Principal at Knack Training

Neil Malek is a software instructor and consultant who partners with businesses and organizations to identify and
close skill gaps, making their teams more effective and efficient. After twenty years of teaching, he believes that
fun, real-world practice is the most functional way to build a practical skillset. With clients like Ernst & Young, Lockheed Martin, and the Chicago Bulls, he has consistently delivered the most impactful, high-energy, and enjoyable courses those businesses have offered their workforce.

Neil is Principal at Knack Training, a US firm focused on Microsoft Office, Power BI, and collaboration with Microsoft 365.

About the Event

Learning Objectives

  • Define the three major tools packaged within Power BI and their use cases 
  • Analyse data import concerns and handle them with Power Query 
  • Calculate new business insights with Power Pivot 
  • Create dynamic, interactive reports with Power View 

Who Must Attend This Masterclass?

This class and this topic are for data-savvy professionals looking to build a skillset that goes far beyond standard Excel. If you have business data in multiple databases, spreadsheets, CSV files, and other formats, and you need to collect and analyse that data quickly, this class is for you. 

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What our attendees say:

Thank you so much, Neil. I’ve found your videos and website resources so informative and helpful. Sadly, when I’ve felt I needed something more or different I’ve tried to find books but they never seem to be worth the money I pay for them. With all sincerity, your straight-forward, comprehensive approach tops any resource I’ve found to date! Thank you so much for your help!
Jill Jakulski, Ph.D.
If there was ever a person put on this earth to teach you how to use all your software and make you feel you can do it easily, then it is Neil. Calming, reassuring, and patient, as well as really smart!
Rhonda Scharf
Neil is an absolute pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge of various technologies illustrates his value as an instructor, and Neil never hesitates to spend time working with us individually.
Chloe Stewart
Neil Malek has gotten the highest marks of any instructor that has taught here at SRI. They said he was phenomenal.
Eileen Behr

The Agenda

What this course entails

Power BI Introduction
  • Power BI Course Goals 
  • Understanding and Defining Power BI 
  • Power BI Comparisons with Other Software 
Software Tour
  • Introduction to Power Query 
  • Importing Data from Spreadsheets 
  • Importing Data from Databases 
  • Handling Columns and Data Types 
  • Cleaning Problem Data 
  • Comparing and Combining Data 
Introduction to Power Pivot
  • Creating Relationships between Data Tables 
  • Adding Measures with Simple DAX Functions 
  • Understanding Filter Context 
  • Leveraging CALCULATE 
Working with Power View
  • Creating Charts 
  • Creating Tables 
  • Adding Titles and Labels 
  • Formatting Charts 
  • Adding Interactivity 
Publishing and Conclusions
  • Publishing Power BI Reports 
  • Sharing Power BI Reports 
  • Additional Concerns 
  • Conclusion