Join Heather Wright for
Managing Difficult Conversations Effectively

29th June 2023


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  • Course length: 4 hours
  • Course type: Online course
  • 29th June 2023
  • 14:00 (GMT), 15:00 (CET), 09:00 (ET), 06:00 (PT)

We all deal with challenging situations and misunderstandings now and again. This masterclass will equip you with the tools to prepare for and tackle those difficult conversations.   

We will cover how to: 

  • assess the best approach when talking to challenging personalities 
  • choose the most effective wording when influencing others, helping them see solutions instead of problems 
  • draw out objections that are not always voiced in order to deal with strong negative emotions 

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About the Trainer

Heather Wright

Heather Wright

Inspirational Trainer | Speaker | Conference Host

Heather Wright is an award-winning speaker, trainer and author, who’s no-nonsense approach is balanced with a tremendous sense of humour.  She specialises in personal and team performance development as well as all aspects of inspirational leadership.

Heather engages audiences all over the world and she is in demand to convey powerful messages using many different mediums.  As well as keynote conference speaking, she writes blogs and delivers podcasts, webinars and vlogs to embed behavioural change in the most cynical of delegates. Whatever the subject, it will be illustrated with practical and entertaining examples. You will be left feeling you can tap much further into your potential.

About the Event

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to:  

    • decide what the most effective outcome will be for all sides and work towards it 
    • ensure that everyone involved feels engaged and understood 
    • read between the lines and understand people on a deeper level 
    • stop your emotions from clouding your judgement 
    • safeguard relationships, ensuring they remain positive and productive 

Who Must Attend This Masterclass?

This masterclass is ideal for anyone who has to interact with people who may not always be as easy to engage with, either because of the situation, their role or their personality. 

Post-Event Support

Heather will provide a digital workbook to all attendees. Heather is also available after the masterclass for attendees who have questions or specific issues they wish to discuss.  

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What our attendees say:

“I just met Heather in a webinar that she presented and WOW!!! I was completely blown away. Heather’s insight was spot on and it was apparent that she was well-versed in the subject matter. Heather not only presented her subject with authority but with humor. I cannot wait to attend another of Heather’s presentations! "
Jacqueline M Leib, Executive Assistant
"Heather continues to be the most interesting and exciting speaker I have encountered. Her talks and techniques are always so engaging, fun and get you thinking! We underwent the Advance Performance course with the whole of our office and the feedback is excellent. Heather's knowledge on the topic of psychology, human behaviour and habits is so full that she can cater the information to any audience. I really would recommend her services for any industry, environment or business "
Clare Bicknell, Head of People Ops at Arup
“Heather spoke at our PA Conference in Liverpool and also at our membership events in Leeds and Liverpool and is an absolute joy to work with. Heather delivered very engaging relevant content at all the events speaking with humour and fun, and putting her message across in an easy-to-understand way, creating an excellent rapport with her listeners. Heather has vast knowledge on her subject matter and is very thought-provoking while being witty and engaging. Heather is a first-class speaker and I would highly recommend her for any event. ”
Marion Lawrence, PA Hub
"What can I say about Heather that would give her the praise she deserves? She is truly one of a kind. More energy than Duracell, a real passion for achievement and ensuring that others get the best out of themselves and develop their employees for peak performance. I have not met anyone who has come across Heather and not been blown away by her enthusiasm, dynamism and professionalism. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."
Anne Yarker – H R Director

The Agenda

What this course entails

Part One
  • Why human beings misunderstand each other and how those misunderstandings get in the way of progress. 
  • How to lay the foundations for powerful honest communication. 
  • Common mistakes when handling challenging personalities and delicate subjects. 
  • How to open a difficult conversation so that we don’t lose people from the start.  (ie how to side-step ego and negative emotions). 
Part Two
  •  Vision Makes the Decision: learning from hostage negotiators. 
  • How to choose words that positively influence people. 
  • How to “hear” and understand the 3 different conversations that happen within a conversation.   
  • How to use this understanding to formulate solutions. 
  • How to make sure everyone moves forward to a more effective place. 
  • Formulating an effective plan post-conversation.