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Changing Lives, One Person at a Time

In South Africa more than half of the youth (over 15 years old) have no money to pay for their tuition.

This is why Anel Martin, Teri Wells and Lucy Brazier decided to start Isipho Admin in 2015, to help these young adults to gain the education that was being denied them, simply because of lack of funds.

Isipho means The Gift and every year the foundation selects, funds and prepares the best and brightest candidates for a career as an administrative professional. We set them up for future success, and provide opportunities where none existed.

Throughout the year we organise prize draws, gala dinners, and various other events to help raise money for this worthy charity.

Help us make a difference

ISIPHO Receives No Government Funding. We are predominantly funded by the donations from Administrative Professionals & Training Companies, affectionately known as ISIPHO Angels.

All donations are greatly appreciated, or if you have ideas with other ways to help please contact us here.

More Information about Isipho

Isipho Admin Bursary, a registered NPC 2015/438143/08 registered officially in South Africa on the 08/12/2015. We are not government-funded but are supported by administrative professionals and training companies from around the world financially. We are a team that is committed to leaving a legacy!

If you’re interested in more ways you can help, or to find out more information, please contact us here.

Help us make a difference

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