Lucy Brazier OBE
CEO Marcham Publishing, T/A Executive Support
Ann Hiatt
Former Business Partner to Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO), & CoS for Google
Vickie Sokol Evans
Microsoft Certified Trainer, Founder of RedCape
Helen Monument
International trainer, Coach, Mentor, Chair of the World Administrators Alliance
Lizebeth Koloko Green
Millennial Microsoft Expert Office 365, Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint
Melba J. Duncan
Leadership Intelligence Expert
Cathy Harris
Internal Networks Expert, Executive PA, Author, International Trainer
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Lucy Brazier OBE
A Changing World and Your Place in It
Melissa Esquibel
I’m Just Not Technical!
Vickie Sokol Evans
Timesaving (and Jaw-Dropping) Tips using Microsoft Office for Windows

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