Don’t Take Yourself Off the Calendar!

Partnership March 10, 2023

A few years ago, I hosted a conference for a secret sorority of top-level assistants in New York.

One of the sessions was with a panel of CEOs from major companies. The organisers told me I could ask them whatever I liked. So of course, I took to social media to see what questions you would like me to ask.

The top one by a mile was ‘How do I stop them from cancelling my 1:1 meetings?’.

So I asked them.

And they blinked a bit. And then they said, ‘But don’t they manage the calendar?’

And I had a lightbulb moment!

When my staff want to see me, they turn up, one after another, and we talk through what they need to discuss.

When Fran arrives, I don’t think ‘What’s she doing here?’ She is as important a meeting as everyone else.

In fact, I would say my meetings with her are some of the most important meetings of the week.

She needs to know the priorities so she can get on with her job. Which is to maximise my effectiveness!

Don’t take yourself off the calendar!

Your manager needs that time with you – whether they know it or not – to help you to help them.

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