You Bring Enormous Value to Your Business Every Day

Administrative Profession January 17, 2023

Assistants often tell me that they don’t get the same opportunities within their businesses as other members of staff, because they don’t contribute to the bottom line like the others do!

What total and utter TOSH!

Let’s do the math shall we?

Firstly, how much does your leader earn?

Shall we agree that it’s a lot!

And how much time do you save them as a percentage each week by doing things that they would otherwise have to do for themselves?

Shall we also agree a lot!

After all, that’s what you are employed to do, right? To give them back time so that the business maximises the return on their salary.

So if you multiply one by the other, that is what you contribute to the bottom line.

And that is before they do work that will generate revenue in the time you have saved them. That is also what you add to the bottom line.

And that is before you do your actual job, which often involves researching most cost effective ways of doing things and negotiation.

So please don’t tell me you don’t contribute to the bottom line again. You do! You bring enormous value to your businesses every day!

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