The Shift From Assistant to Administrative Business Partner

Administrative Profession Partnership Strategic Business Partner August 14, 2023

When I first started working in the administrative space, the term was ‘Secretary’ meaning ‘Keeper of Secrets’, but as the role evolved, and perceptions changed, so did the job title.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, language is a reflection of how we perceive roles and responsibilities. One notable shift gaining momentum currently is the transition from the traditional term ‘assistant’ to the more modern and inclusive term ‘administrative business partner.’

This change goes beyond semantics, signalling a transformation in the way administrative professionals are perceived and valued within organizations.

As workplaces become more diverse and collaborative, the language we use to describe roles must also adapt. The term ‘assistant’ suggests that the person in the role is ‘assisting’ rather than ‘doing’. It has long been associated with a ‘support’ role, often overlooking the strategic contributions administrative professionals bring to the table.

‘Administrative business partner’ signifies a shift in mindset. This term acknowledges the multifaceted role these professionals play in supporting and contributing to business operations. It emphasizes collaboration, strategic insight, and proactive involvement, moving beyond the traditional support-only perception.

There are several reasons for the transition

1. Administrative business partners are now integral to strategic decision-making, offering insights and facilitating communication across teams.

2. The term emphasizes their involvement in problem-solving, project management, and relationship-building.

3. Renaming the role boosts morale and acknowledges administrative professionals’ expertise, fostering a sense of belonging.

4. The term is inclusive, avoiding traditional gender biases associated with “assistant.”

5. As administrative roles evolve, the terminology must reflect the expanded scope of responsibilities accurately.

The transition to ‘administrative business partner’ has significant implications

1. This change underscores their vital contributions and aligns them with company goals.

2. It boosts morale and retention, as employees feel respected and recognized.

3. The updated terminology attracts diverse talent to roles offering strategic involvement.

4. The new term allows flexibility, ensuring roles align with evolving organizational needs.

The shift from ‘assistant’ to ‘administrative business partner’ represents an evolution in administrative roles. It acknowledges their strategic contributions and emphasizes collaboration. As organizations embrace change and inclusivity, adopting this terminology is a positive step toward a more equitable, empowered, and efficient work environment.

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