Training Managers to Use Their Assistants Properly

Partnership August 9, 2023

I write a lot about training assistants but what about training managers to use their assistants properly? It’s a theme that is coming up repeatedly in the ‘deep dive’ research conversations that I am having currently and for the assistants that are being under-utilised, the frustration is palpable.

The advantages of such training and its potential impact on organizational productivity are clear and I am increasingly working with companies to help optimise this relationship by explaining to executives how to work most effectively with an assistant.

If it’s never occurred to you that you aren’t utilising your assistant properly, here are some pointers:

Leveraging EA Expertise

Executive assistants possess a diverse skill set, extending beyond administrative tasks. Training executives to recognize and tap into these talents can elevate productivity and innovation. EAs can contribute to project management, research, and strategic planning, enabling executives to concentrate on tasks that demand their unique insights.

Strategic Delegation and Time Management

Executives often grapple with a multitude of responsibilities. Training can empower executives to delegate tasks adeptly to their EAs, allowing for strategic prioritization. By entrusting routine tasks to EAs, executives can carve out valuable time for crucial decision-making and long-term strategizing.

Boosting Efficiency

A well-trained executive who maximizes their EA’s capabilities can usher in heightened efficiency across the organization. EAs can anticipate needs, provide proactive support, and manage logistical details, enabling executives to focus on their core functions. This synergistic partnership can lead to a streamlined workflow, fostering a culture of productivity.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

The demanding nature of executive roles often blurs the line between work and personal life. Training executives to collaborate effectively with their EAs can alleviate workload pressures, allowing for a healthier balance. A well-functioning alliance can lead to reduced stress and heightened job satisfaction for both parties.

In the face of rapid changes and heightened expectations, optimizing the partnership between executives and their executive assistants can yield remarkable benefits. Training executives to harness the full potential of their EAs can pave the way for efficient communication, elevated productivity, improved work-life equilibrium, and smarter resource allocation.

As organizations strive for enduring competitiveness, nurturing a culture of effective collaboration between executives and their EAs stands as an investment with enduring rewards.

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